How do organizations engage an audience? By motivating them to achieve their goals.

Organizations face an engagement crisis. Their customers, employees, and stakeholders are bombarded with the noise of social marketing. Gamification provides a needed edge. It can help change behaviors, develop skills and drive innovation. 

About the book

GAMIFY focuses on the 20% that get it right.

Author Brian Burke has worked with hundreds of business leaders on their gamification strategies and developed the Player Experience Design Process to help organizations succeed. GAMIFY focuses on designing an experience that touches people on an emotional, rather than transactional, level and motivates them to achieve their goals. This, in turn, fulfils the organization's aligned goals. In the end, everyone wins.

Featuring case studies from Quirky, Barclaycard, DIRECTV, Khan Academy and more, GAMIFY helps readers avoid the pitfalls and employ best practices to ensure they join the 20% that succeed.

About the author

Brian Burke is a Research Vice President at Gartner, covering enterprise architecture for the past 15 years. For the past three years, he has been leading research on the emerging gamification trend. As an expert in enterprise architecture, he has worked for decades on understanding disruptive technology trends and their implications for business.

You can follow Brian on Twitter at @brian__burke and on LinkedIn at

What’s the sweet spot for Gamification?

Book reviews

“Gamify is a book every CEO must read to gain an understanding of what the future holds with these exciting and powerful techniques.”

Gabe Zichermann
Founder and CEO, Dopamine and Gamification Co


“A gamification game changer! Brian Burke has done what few in the field have ever done before. He’s brought depth, humanity, and real purpose to the subject of gamification.”

Kevin Allen
Chairman and Founder, Planet Jockey, and Author, “The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following”

Gamify provides valuable information about what to consider in projects so as to deliver effective solutions for our players.” 

Sergio Jiménez
Founder, Game On! Lab, and Co-founder, Gamification World Congress