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Leaders struggle to balance efforts when building a supply chain analytics foundation

The relationship between advanced analytics and supply chain excellence is undeniable. Leaders in supply chain have consistently credited analytics as a key differentiator to cope with complexity and capitalize on market opportunity. To follow suit, supply chain organizations are focusing on building strong analytics competencies. However, many companies are still on the early road to harvesting data and the successful use of analytics.

In a recent survey, 74% of supply chain executives rated advanced analytics as one of their top two most important emerging technologies.

I've been asking about advanced analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and machine learning. The team has been good about providing content and having some calls to share best practices. The content has helped us forge our way through the definition stage and even into the design stage of the models we're building.

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Clarify goals, secure talent and invest in technology

Across industries, high-performing companies invariably share one commonality — the growing ability to leverage data and analytics to make better supply chain and organizational decisions. Supply chain leaders should focus on three areas when developing a solid analytics foundation: Clarifying goals, securing talent and investing in technology.

In a Gartner supply chain survey, 79% of respondents said that they have developed training programs to help their internal users with advanced analytics adoption

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Gartner's future work insights, advice, data and tools helps supply chain leaders develop effective strategies to build a foundation for successful use of analytics and improving adoption.

The Supply Chain Analytics Leader’s First 100 Days

Supply chain leaders can use this research to map out their team's strategy, assess current capabilities and build key relationships with stakeholders.

Improve the Supply Chain With Advanced Analytics and AI

A Gartner survey shows supply chain leaders using advanced analytics and AI to augment and automate supply chain decision making.

Essential Roles and Talent to Achieve Supply Chain Analytics and Excellence

Supply chain leaders responsible for analytics talent and strategy can use this research to pursue the roles and skills required to succeed in supply chain analytics.

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Companies must advance their supply chain planning capabilities or risk falling behind. Yet supply chain planning remains an underutilized resource. Now is the time for supply chain planning leaders to elevate the visibility of the function and demonstrate value to the overall business. Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit 2020 is designed to be an immersive conference for supply chain planning professionals looking to advance their maturity and improve capabilities. You’ll have access to brand-new Gartner supply chain planning research and hear real-world examples from leading organizations having a positive impact on the bottom line.

Every time I come to a Gartner conference I am inspired to not only make my company better, but to make the world better as well.

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