Information Technology

Reinvent Your Future of Work Strategy With Radical Flexibility

| 1 hour

The shift away from the office as the central work location dramatically impacts both workplace design and workforce planning. The postpandemic work environment demands radical flexibility applied to work policies, new work patterns, and an office design focused on enhancing engagement and performance.

CIOs and IT executives need to focus on developing new management and leadership skills within their organization that support high-performing teams. As flexible work policies become a competitive differentiator in acquiring talent, HR and IT must consider the impact on workforce planning. Workers have a wider selection of work patterns available to them, which introduces more-complex scheduling, communication and workflow needs.

This complimentary webinar will help IT executives adapt the work experience by implementing a flexible model that meets evolving employer and employee needs.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Develop flexible work patterns that address new workplace expectations and requirements
  • Communicate new organizational expectations by establishing new work principles
  • Rethink the functional purpose of space to design high-value employee experiences

Hosted by

Suzanne Adnams

Managing Vice President

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