Supply Chain

Gartner 4Q22 Update: Semiconductor Trends & Its Impact on Supply Chain

| 1 hour

The current semiconductor shortage impacts nearly every industry in every region across the globe. For some industries, the ongoing semiconductor shortage shows no signs of stopping. Where is the impact felt most? How long will the shortage last? What should supply chain leaders be doing now to manage through transitions? Join this complimentary supply chain webinar where a Gartner supply chain expert will tackle these questions and more. You will get a 4Q22 update on the current situation and predictions for 2023 to learn when constrained chip types are expected to recover, and to examine the high-level factors impacting demand and supply.


  • Learn strategies to manage your supply chain in light of the semiconductor IC shortage situation

  • Get insights to shape sourcing and procurement actions

  • Apply learnings to shape your supply chain planning capabilities roadmap

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

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KC Quah

Sr Director Analyst

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