Information Technology

Reduce Technical Debt With Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

| 1 hour

Digital business, in the public and private sectors alike, demands resilient, adaptable infrastructure that can support and react to evolving needs. However, uncontrolled technical debt from out-of-date systems prevents infrastructure and operations leaders from meeting this requirement. One-off modernization projects can provide temporary relief, but they prove unsustainable. I&O leaders should strengthen portfolio management by adopting practices that keep their infrastructures agile and current. This complimentary webinar explores how IT leaders, particularly in the public sector, can implement effective infrastructure life cycle management that makes it easier to assess, modernize, and govern obsolescence and technical debt.

  • Assess and communicate the business impacts of infrastructure technical debt

  • Design and implement an effective infrastructure lifecycle management program

  • Obtain financial, technical, and other business stakeholder consensus to minimize resistance

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Hosted by

Roger Williams

VP Analyst

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