Information Technology

Data & Analytics Series: Improve Decision Making With Data Science

| 1 hour

If you are looking for that one data-and-analytics technique that will help shape the future of your organization and drive improved value outcomes from your decision making, stop; you will not find one. Organizations must apply a mix of analytics types to improve decision making, and data and analytics leaders must know when and how to combine predictive and prescriptive analytics to gain a competitive advantage. Most business intelligence (BI) tools have addressed only descriptive and diagnostic analytics — rarely predictive or prescriptive analytics. Thus, they fail to recommend specific decisions or actions that would improve measurable value outcomes. This complimentary data-and-analytics webinar, the second in a three-part series for D&A leaders, looks at how you can extend the effectiveness of your analytics and BI solutions with data science and machine learning (DSML) techniques to drive better decisions and value outcomes. 

  • Improve decision making with the optimal mix of predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Establish a broad talent and skills base to deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • Get case studies of how leading organizations use AI to improve decision making

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Hosted by

Aura Popa

Sr Director Analyst

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