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IT Spending Forecast, 1Q21 Update: How the Winners are Winning

| 1 hour

The public health interventions imposed by countries around the world to control the spread of COVID-19 rocked the global economy, impacting countries, industries and technologies unevenly. COVID-19 is bringing the future forward, but unevenly, and this uneven acceleration forces CIOs to rip up old spending plans and start anew. While many companies suffered revenue declines and bankruptcies, some technology and service providers (TSPs) thrived, increasing revenue and expanding market share. This complimentary webinar breaks down the global IT spending of both enterprises and consumers to determine what separates the TSP winners.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The Gartner forecast for IT spending growth in 2021 and beyond
  • The technology markets that will outperform beyond 2021
  • The top-performing technology and service providers (TSPs) of 2020
Hosted by

John-David Lovelock

Distinguished VP Analyst


Bryan Britz

Distinguished VP Analyst


Mark McDonald

VP Analyst