Simplify Decision Making in Scaling Automation Processes for Financial Services

| 1 hour

The pandemic accelerated financial services leaders' need to maximize the impact of automation on firm-wide goals. However, leaders must consider far more processes and stakeholders than before to scale automation. Firms that can navigate these complexities are more likely to exceed their automation goals. This complimentary webinar, based on surveys and conversations with financial services leaders in 2021 and early 2022, will focus on how financial services leaders can overcome the challenges of working with multiple stakeholders across multiple functions to implement larger, more effective automation projects.

Discussion Topics:
  • Find out why scaling automation is challenging for financial services leaders
  • Discover what makes some firms better at scaling automation initiatives
  • Get practical guidance to overcome the challenges to automating at scale

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Hosted by

Benjamin Seesel

VP, Advisory


Michael Horney

Principal, Advisory