Meet the Connector Manager

October 24, 2019

Contributor: Jackie Wiles

Gartner expert Jaime Roca explains what the best managers do to create high performers in this Smarter With Gartner video interview.

Managers everywhere are being called on more and more to coach and develop their employees — on top of all their other responsibilities. But many managers don’t feel confident in their ability to coach and develop, and 65% of employees say their managers are ineffective. 

In this Smarter With Gartner interview, Jaime Roca, Senior Vice President in Gartner’s HR practice, shares the surprising findings from Gartner’s study of thousands of employees and managers, including:

Roca will join Gartner Managing Vice President Sari Wilde at 2019 ReimagineHR Conference in Orlando to discuss the qualities that define a Connector manager and why these managers are able to build powerhouse teams. 

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