Media Products

Gartner Custom Multimedia
Add Rich Media to Your Marketing Mix

These days standing out from your crowd of competitors is a must. With Gartner Custom Multimedia, you’ll be producing a different kind of campaign. Exciting programs are custom designed to get your customers and prospects engaged. And by linking your value proposition with the power of Gartner, you can take your messaging to a higher level.

Starting with a Base Program and adding on enhanced exposure packages that include promotional campaigns and guaranteed lead generation, these turnkey programs let you focus on the strategy while Gartner handles the production.
A dedicated Gartner producer will work closely with you to:
  • Manage the entire production from vision through content creation and delivery
  • Create questions and conduct interviews with Gartner analysts, your business experts and customers
  • Edit content and coordinate the approval process
  • Deliver the final product and oversee promotional campaigns for the greatest exposure