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The New High-Performing Manager

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Discussion Topics:

  • Why a new employee development approach is required
  • The 4 manager approaches to employee development and which one is the best at driving employee performance
  • How the best L&D functions help managers improve employee performance

Organization-wide changes require a new development approach. As a result, learning and development (L&D) is increasingly asking managers to coach and develop employees across a broader range of skills. But most managers are overwhelmed and ineffective at coaching and developing their employees.

During this webinar, we unpack the expectations of managers and the critical role they need to play. We also discuss the various types of managers, the struggles they face, and the activities of the highest performers. Watch this webinar to pinpoint the shift we need to make to build managers who can effectively develop and drive employee performance.

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Hosted by:

Kimberly Shells

Senior Executive Advisor




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