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Panel Discussion: 2019 Marketing Predictions

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Discussion Topics:

  • Predictions and trends to watch for 2019 and beyond
  • What Marketing leaders must do over the next few years
  • How Marketing can make its biggest impact on the customer

Four destabilizing forces will reshape Marketing in 2019 and the years ahead. Do you have a strategy that will drive success in the face of these challenges? In this unique live video webinar, a panel of Gartner Marketing experts reveals the four destabilizing forces that will most impact you and, more importantly, helps you turn these challenges to your advantage. Christi Eubanks, Charles Golvin, Maureen Mullen and Ewan McIntyre delve into the Marketing trends, research and our predictions for 2019 and beyond. This is a must-attend event for Marketing leaders looking to successfully drive marketing in such areas as communication strategies, regulatory changes impacting access to customer data, prioritization of customer experience, disruptive emerging technologies, organizational shifts and talent requirements.

We understand that this webinar falls on a US holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On January 24th, we're airing a special encore performance for those that are unable to make it on the 21st. Register here.

Hosted by:

Maureen Mullen

L2-Co-Founder, CSO

Ewan McIntyre

Sr Director Analyst

Charles Golvin

Sr Director Analyst

Christi Eubanks

Managing Vice President




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