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The responsibilities of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) are evolving, as digital business continues to expand.

Among board directors, 64% say their company is trying to change its economic structure to focus more on digital (revenues, margins, productivity, etc.). At the same time, 88% say cybersecurity is a known risk to the organization.

Successful cybersecurity leaders concentrate their efforts on supporting mission-critical priorities across the company while reducing risk. But to do that, they need a broad scope of abilities and proficiencies to be effective in a role that continues to diversify.

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Prioritize Risks and Improve Stakeholder Communications

The Information Risk Research team surveyed 86 security and risk management (SRM) leaders with the 2021 Gartner Cyber-Risk Quantification Survey to identify adoption stages of different cyber-risk quantification (CRQ) methodologies, business use cases, challenges and results achieved by leveraging CRQ. View our results and how to make a leap to practical CRQ that drives the business to take action.

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“The asset-based CRQ is a total game changer. With risk quantification, I can more effectively prioritize tech refresh and vulnerability remediation, within the limits of finite resources.”

Shankar Arumugavelu
Senior Vice President and Global CIO, Verizon

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The needs of CISOs are rapidly evolving as they face next-generation cyber challenges. Gartner provides insights, advice and tools to help cybersecurity leaders drive smarter, faster decisions.