Maintain and Refine a Cybersecurity Program

Ensure your cybersecurity program balances adequate protection with the needs of the business.

A successful cybersecurity strategy must be built on a tenable security program. Cybersecurity leaders should use this research to better discern and build an ongoing security program that is sustainable, while maintaining a balance between protection and business priorities.

Cybersecurity leaders can create a comprehensive and effective program by:

  • Guaranteeing accountability for information risk to empower effective risk-based decisions

  • Constructing and maintaining a program that supports the unique needs of the business

  • Designing the program to be flexible and continuously improved by focusing on key standards and formal security processes

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Build a Flexible Security Framework

Russell Reynolds Associates, a global leadership advisory and executive search firm, sought to redesign its IT infrastructure architecture to reduce the physical footprint of employees in offices and create an efficient remote working culture. Gartner provided expert guidance and tools to maintain all of the back-end resiliency, security and flexible scalability the business needs to succeed.

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“When enterprises adopt digitalization, they are implicitly or explicitly changing their risk appetite. CISOs must understand and adapt to this reality in order to remain relevant and enable secure digitalization.”

Tom Scholtz
Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

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