Ethan Budgar

Sr Specialist, Advisory

Ethan Budgar is an Advisory Analyst with CEB, Now Gartner, advising Market Insights & Analytics leaders and their teams at the world's largest companies.

He leverages client discussions, and Gartner research, to support Insights teams with everything from the strategic end--like standing up their function--to the tactical level of compiling a research agenda, or creating an effective knowledge portal.

Previous experience

-Interviewed communication professionals across the globe to help identify the profession's pressing problems and challenges

-Conducted root cause analyses that lead to solutions to problems challenging our sector clients

-Develop scalable best-practice case examples, and practical tools and resources to help communications professionals address high-priority challenges strategically and efficiently

-Owned studies focused on change communication, strategic communication, public relations, and social media strategy

Professional background


Research Analyst

Areas of coverage

Branding and Value Proposition

Building Customer-Centric Culture (retired)

Market Insights and Analytics Management

Customer Understanding and Insight (retired)

Communicating Market Insights (retired)

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Communicating insights effectively across the organization

2Generating insights that are consistently actionable

3Creating knowledge portals or other repositories of customer information

4Setting the annual research agenda

5Developing best-in-class Insights & Analytics functions