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Jeffrey L. Cohen

Sr Principal Analyst

Jeffrey L. Cohen is a Sr. Principal, Analyst at Gartner, working at the intersection of sales and marketing. Sales leaders and marketing leaders need to speak the same language, and Mr. Cohen, an experienced, full-funnel marketer, interprets marketing concepts such as go-to-market, demand generation, account-based marketing, measurement, and even content marketing for sales leaders in an actionable way that leads to greater sales and marketing alignment.

Previous experience

Mr. Cohen developed strategies for demand generation, customer retention, sales enablement and internal alignment for a variety of marketing technology companies and external clients. Every program focused on the right message for each stage of the buyer's journey, while at the same time, provided helpful information that allowed prospects to improve their own job performance.

A key part of Mr. Cohen's role at Salesforce was to conduct nearly 70 customer maturity model workshops with Fortune 500 companies. The outcomes were to provide recommendations for customer improvement and guidance for developing new company content based on common customer challenges. Mr. Cohen is also a published business author.

Professional background

TOPO now Gartner



Director, Content Strategy


Manager, Content Marketing

Areas of coverage

Content Marketing and Management

Sales Strategy and Leadership

Sales Execution and Demand Generation


M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.S., Duke University

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