Blockchain: What’s Ahead?

Learn all you can now to be ready for the next phase of blockchain evolution

Is there money to be made with blockchain?

Blockchain is developing quickly, but significant business challenges and technology gaps remain before widespread use cases and ways to generate value emerge. CIOs are under pressure to guide decisions on if and how they should implement blockchain but struggle with how to apply this technology to meet new business challenges.

Focus on the business problem

Though blockchain holds great promise, today's blockchain technology offerings are nascent and immature. It is crucial to experiment and explore. Often the technology is offered as a solution in search of a problem. To ensure a successful blockchain project, focus on the business problem, not the technology solution.

The relevance is in the underlying infrastructure or leverage technology. And once we’ve got a handle on that, if we approach it practically or pragmatically, I think we'll be able to dispel a lot of the hype that’s in the market right now.

David Furlonger

Vice President and Gartner Fellow, Gartner Research

Insights You Can Use

Solve a business problem

Technology leaders are intrigued by the capabilities of blockchain, but they are unclear exactly where business value can be achieved in the enterprise context.

Blockchain will disrupt the digital future

Blockchain technologies promise new economic, business, social and technological models that can pervasively impact business and society. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must understand the implications to exploit this disruptive, but immature, technology.

Pay attention to the 4 types of blockchain initiatives

Blockchain offers enormous promise, but enterprises are unsure how to extract business value from it. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders should focus on the four types of blockchain business initiatives and evaluate which ones will match their strategic objectives.


Is Blockchain Really Ready for Prime Time?

Blockchain seems to be on the lips of every business leader. It can be applied to any organization, and not just for matters of finance. But is it right for your organization?

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