COVID-19 Resources for Legal & Compliance

GC Actions in Response to COVID-19

Based on recent discussions with hundreds of general counsel (GCs) and legal leaders, we’ve identified the key actions that GCs and their teams are taking to steer their organizations through the COVID-19 economic landscape. Download the key take-aways to review your peers’ top concerns and learn what actions you should be taking right now to navigate the crisis with confidence.


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Legal & Compliance Resources to Help You Manage Through Uncertainty

Create a Sustainable Cost Optimization Roadmap

Legal departments are currently faced with demonstrating their ability to operate in a cost-constrained environment. This step-by-step guide provides instructions for creating a sustainable cost optimization roadmap.

Evaluate Your Legal Cost Optimization Initiatives

This decision framework helps legal and compliance leaders identify, evaluate and prioritize the top cost optimization initiatives for their function.

Mitigate Emerging Risks With Legal Risk Management Strategies

Learn proactive risk management strategies that reduce risk, increase customer trust and support changing business strategy during an economic downturn with these insights. 

Prevent Privacy Incidents With a Strong Data Privacy Communication Plan

Heightened data privacy risks that come with a largely remote workforce can be managed with effective employee communications. This guide helps leaders communicate privacy practices and coordinate a structured approach to privacy awareness through multiple channels.

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