Implementing a Strong GDPR Compliance Program

A small and leanly resourced legal department at a midsize insurance company urgently needed to ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Leveraging Gartner research and advisory support, the client gained the confidence of the board by quickly implementing a strong GDPR program, avoiding risk of significant GDPR noncompliance fines.

Mission-critical priority

The director of legal affairs and compliance was tasked with rolling out a GDPR program quickly on her own. Adding headcount or internal resources wasn’t an option.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided comprehensive support via multiple rounds of policy review and by providing benchmarking tools. This helped the client accelerate the creation of a high-quality strategy to address new regulations and benchmark against peers to identify gaps in its privacy policy. Leveraging our expertise in data privacy compliance and advisory support, the client was able to create a data breach response plan and roll out a strong GDPR compliance program.

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Legal & Compliance Leaders, the client: 

  • Gained a clear understanding of GDPR laws and gaps in existing policy, saving time and avoiding common pitfalls

  • Formulated a high-quality strategy faster, allowing rapid implementation of privacy policies to comply with GDPR

  • Created a GDPR compliance program to keep data secure


Approx. $23 million

< 250

Director of Legal Affairs and Compliance

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