Third Party Risk Management

Identify, monitor, and mitigate third party risks

Third party risk management needs a new approach

Third party risk was identified as a top threat by compliance leaders in 2019. In fact, 83% of executives tell us that third party risks were identified after initial onboarding and due diligence. As these external partnerships become increasingly complex, the need for a new risk management approach is clear. Current monitoring approaches cannot account for inevitable changes in business today.

83% of legal and compliance leaders identify third-party risks after due dilligence

In my role, in any executive role, you have your day-to-day work, but you’re also tasked with being strategic. That’s difficult to do with competing timeframes, with everything else going on. Using Gartner allows me to be more strategic more efficiently, while still getting everything else done.

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Manage growing third party risk with new risk management strategies

71% of organizations report that their third party network contains more third parties than it did three years ago. The rapidly changing business environment demands new approaches to third party risk management that account for the new ways that organizations rely on third parties to advance business goals. 

71% of organizations report their third-party network contains more third parties than it did three years ago. The same percentage reports their third-party network will grow even larger in the next three years.

Insights you can use

Gartner provides the research, tools and advice legal and compliance executives need to create strong third party risk management strategies. Use these insights to identify and monitor third party risk in your organization while promoting strategic risk-taking for business growth.

Effectively Mitigate Third Party Risk

More than 80% of legal and compliance leaders did not identify third party risks until after initial onboarding and due diligence. To best manage these risks, make the shift from a point-in-time approach to one that is iterative and involves continuous monitoring.

Partner Across the C-Suite on Third Party Risk Management

40% of companies lack any clear third party risk management responsibilities for functional partners. Identify the five key process changes that can help your team to maximize third party risk outcomes.

Learn the Benefits of Third Party Partnerships

60% of organizations work with over 1,000 third parties, and these numbers will only continue to increase as business ecosystems expand and become more complex. Gartner insights can help you identify, manage and harness third party risk in your organization for business growth.

Adopt a New Approach to Third Party Risk Management

As organizations increasingly work with a large number of third parties, it’s more important than ever to maintain a strong risk management strategy. This article explores three key actions to take to implement an iterative approach to ongoing monitoring of third party risk. 

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How do we support risk management?

Sonia Galindo, former General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Rosetta Stone, describes how Gartner helped the organization strengthen its global risk management strategy. 

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