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5 Things the Best General Counsel Do Differently

The role of the general counsel (GC) has never been more important to corporate success, yet only 8% of GC are performing their ideal role as a corporate leader.

A Gartner survey of top global GC reveals what the best general counsel are doing differently now with their time, relationships and resources.

Discover five shifts in behavior that equip the best general counsel to more effectively impact strategic decision making and influence the CEO.

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Increase your impact and influence with these 5 shifts.

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    In my role, in any executive role, you have your day to day work but you’re also tasked with being strategic. That’s difficult to do with competing time frames, with everything else going on. Using Gartner allows me to be more strategic more efficiently, while still getting everything else done
    General Counsel, Retail Industry

    New demands require new ways of working

    Risk landscape complexity is increasing as companies pursue digital business transformation, stakeholders hold companies more accountable for the social impact of decisions, and regulations continue to proliferate. For legal leadership, these trends mean more work in unpredictable risk areas in which you may have limited experience, and greater demand for fast, risk-aligned advice.

    Graphic showing the Top Challenges in 2019 based on the percentage of legal and compliance clients ranking as a top 5 problem.

    How we address your top challenges

    Legal leadership are challenged with delivering more and faster guidance to sustain long-term business growth. Gartner provides you with robust benchmarks, legal technology market data, tactical tools and peer-sourced best practices to help you make informed decisions and execute quickly.

    Manage a complex risk landscape

    Support business strategy by clarifying overlapping risk management mandates that slow decision making and provide guidance that enables business leaders to take smart risks.

    Transform your legal department

    Manage higher team work volumes, support risk areas where you have limited experience, and capture opportunities for increased workflow automation.

    Develop next-generation privacy and compliance programs

    Advance your team’s ability to handle fast-moving risks related to third parties, emerging regulatory requirements, and greater accountability for the social impact of decisions.

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    When making the leap to a new position, almost half of executives — legal leadership included — tumble and underperform. Gartner has analyzed thousands of leadership transitions, and uncovered various insights you can leverage to establish yourself as an effective enterprise leader during your transition and beyond.

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