Driving Greater Efficiencies Within the Legal Department

Having undergone a significant restructure due to a merger, the general counsel (GC) at a large chemical company needed to redefine the mandate as a legal function to efficiently support the new, combined organization. Gartner advisors helped the GC save more than one-third of their lawyers’ time by moving low-value workflows to lower-cost providers. Eliminating the NDA review alone resulted in an estimated annual savings of $62,400 per lawyer from the legal budget.

Mission-critical priority

As the company went through a period of business disruption, and with demands for the team increasing, the GC needed to create opportunities to drive greater efficiencies within the legal department but did not have visibility into how the legal team was spending their time.

How Gartner helped

Gartner worked with the GC to deploy the Gartner Legal Workload Analysis Survey to assess staff time allocation across functional activities. Using the results of the survey, the client was able to delegate routine workflows to lower-cost providers. Leveraging the operating model best practices from Gartner New Legal Operating Model research study, the GC was able to communicate change efforts to in-house staff and key business partners.

Business impact

With Gartner for Legal & Compliance support, the client successfully:

  • Clarified legal ownership by focusing staff time where legal provides the greatest value.
  • Reduced costs by moving routine workflows to lower-cost providers.


> $20 billion


General Counsel

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