Legal Operations and Department Management

Transform your legal department, drive in-house legal efficiency and control costs

Improve legal operations to maximize legal department value

As businesses transform, expand and operate under more complex environments, legal departments struggle to meet the increasing demand for fast, risk-tolerance-aligned support across the enterprise. Overreliance on traditional workflows, lack of streamlined processes and manual execution of repetitive tasks create bottlenecks, causing legal to slow down crucial business initiatives.

90% of legal staff feel they slow down the organization's initiatives.

The immediate results that we’ve seen since engaging with Gartner have been improved processes, having more definition around what comes to legal, how it comes to legal, and how legal is supporting our corporate objectives of increasing growth, managing risk and reducing overhead expenses.

Kate Bowen

General Counsel, Texas Oncology

Leverage legal technology to augment processes and scale

Even as legal operates under resource constraints, the demand for its services will only increase in 2020 and beyond. To meet business needs, leaders must reassess processes to identify inefficiencies and invest in technology to automate and augment tasks, freeing legal executives to provide strategic support to new business initiatives.

90% of legal departments foresee demand for legal services increasing in the next two years. 30% of this new demand will not be satisfied given the forecast capacity growth.

Strategic legal operations insights you can use

Gartner provides the insights, tools and data legal & compliance executives need to streamline processes, support strategic initiatives and enable faster decisions.

Transform your legal operating model

To effectively cope with increasing workloads, legal teams must build the company's capacity to make better decisions. Implement three key shifts in your legal operations to transform your service, delivery and sourcing models and drive more value.

Build a cost-effective legal department

Cost-effective legal teams spend less to achieve more by making the right decisions about where to allocate resources to drive maximum value. Learn the five tactics successful legal departments get right to optimize costs.

Assess your outside counsel performance

The Gartner Outside Counsel Evaluation Tool enables legal teams to build custom evaluations in just three steps. Easily collect, aggregate and analyze outside counsel performance to ensure the right support for the right cost.

Boost productivity with legal technology

The Gartner Legal Technology Process Map will guide you through the end-to-end process of scoping, selecting and implementing legal technology to manage growing expectations with limited resources.

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Paul Allen, General Counsel at Fischer Homes, shares how Gartner's insights and advisory support have helped him build a legal department and improve legal operations at several organizations.

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