Make Your Legal Department Digital-Ready

Enable digital transformation while effectively managing risk

Industries are undergoing a digital transformation that is reshaping business priorities, capabilities and processes. Business leaders recognize this tremendous opportunity for innovation and competitive advantage, with 87% of senior business leaders identifying digitalization as a key priority. 

At the same time, 77% of CEOs express concern about emerging risks associated with digital business initiatives. Most legal departments, however, have yet to adopt a strategy that allows them to enable digital business transformation while also effectively staying ahead of new and emerging digitalization risks.

This represents a critical gap in value support that legal departments need to quickly address, as legal departments that successfully achieve digital readiness can increase on-time project delivery by 63% and increase appropriate legal and compliance risk taking by 46%. 

4 Actions to Achieve Digital Readiness

To be digital ready, legal departments need to take these four steps: 

  1. Clarify the role and accountability of stakeholders and provide appropriate legal support.
  2. Build rapid response capabilities to identify when and where digital risks are forming. 
  3. Foster digital skills and competencies to acquire and transfer digital expertise.
  4. Ensure a business-focused approach to information governance that centers on providing legal guidance for appropriate uses of data. 

Download our “Make Legal Digital-Ready” e-book to learn more about how to achieve digital readiness and reduce potential crippling risk to the business.

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