Advancing Integrity in the Workplace

Build a culture of workplace integrity to strengthen corporate compliance

Corporate non-compliance threatens the business

Misconduct is too costly to ignore — that much is known. But without clear links to business outcomes, keeping culture initiatives front and center is hard. In fact, less than a third of compliance executives feel confident in their ability to improve their organization’s culture. And with 59% of observed misconduct going unreported, it’s time to focus on corporate compliance. 

Without a strong culture, misconduct remains unreported. 59% of observed misconduct is not reported.
We want problems brought to us. But I can’t fix a problem that’s never brought to me. By creating that environment where customers and clients are coming to us at an earlier stage, I think we do a better job. And I think Gartner helps me establish that culture within the company.

Paul Allen

General Counsel, Fischer Homes

Advance workplace integrity and compliance

Our research indicates that the most effective way to improve culture is by building stronger climates, or local environments that reinforce broader cultural values and beliefs. This decreases employee-observed misconduct and improves reporting rates, as well as overall business performance. Manager preparedness is also key to ensuring higher reporting rates ultimately translate into higher workplace integrity.

Impact of a culture of integrity: 9x fewer instances of misconduct, 1.5x increased reporting of misconduct, 2.1x higher employee engagement, and 12% higher employee productivity.

Insights you can use

Gartner’s research provides compliance leaders with crucial insight on workplace integrity and corporate ethics, along with best-practice templates and tools to train employees and help minimize reputational risk to advance a sustainable corporate culture.

Rethink compliance’s role in culture

Building a strong culture of integrity starts with building strong climates for your employees. Compliance programs need to take all levels of the organization into account — so download the research paper today to align your efforts to proven best practice.

Develop and promote a healthy culture of integrity

The cost of getting culture wrong is high, and many long-held assumptions on corporate culture are proving wrong. Use this infographic to sense-check your understanding of how to build a sturdy compliance program, empower employees and influence company ethics. 

Empower the business to own compliance risk

Employees empowered to own compliance risk are far more likely to identify and act on risks — but first you need to equip them to manage risks. Read this Smarter With Gartner article on how to guide less and empower more.

Identify misconduct before it happens

Measure your employees’ perceptions of culture, observations of misconduct and reporting rates to identify where misconduct occurs. RiskClarity is a program which allows you to identify hidden risks and gain visibility into potential problem areas before they arise.

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Workplace integrity: Minimize misconduct with the right corporate culture

Chief compliance officers and senior executives need to work together to nurture the right corporate culture and develop effective reporting channels. With more than 10% of employees having witnessed misconduct in the past year alone, it has never been more imperative for businesses to build a strong compliance program. 

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