A Guide for New General Counsel

The resources and tools you need for a fast start in the general counsel role

New general counsel struggle with demands

New general counsel face an overwhelming number of tasks during their first few months. When making the leap to a new position, almost half (46%) of executives across all functions tumble and underperform. At a time when the legal department is challenged to meet the ever-changing demands of modern business, new GCs need to find their feet fast and lead boldly.

High demands make a fast start in a new role difficult: 46% of new executives tumble and underperform
I am the first attorney that [Texas Oncology] ever hired. I knew that [Gartner] brought [...] expertise and resources that I wouldn't have as a single lawyer. [...] having my Gartner partner work with me makes sure that I stay on track with what [Gartner Score] identified as the highest priorities for my organization.

Kate Bowen

General Counsel, Texas Oncology, Public Health

Meet demands and build a roadmap to success

With a 90% projected increase in demand for legal services in the next two years, your challenge is to juggle those demands while establishing yourself in your new role. Gartner supports you along the entire journey — from assessing the current state of the function to drafting strategic plans, developing competencies and much more.

There is an 85% projected increase in the demand for legal services by 2020, which will leave a large portion (30%) of work demand unmet

How we address your top challenges

Gartner’s research provides crucial insights on the legal function as well as best-practice templates and tools to help you make a fast start in your new general counsel role. Use our resources to assess the current functional state, map out next steps and implement your plans with confidence. 

Accelerate your transition as a new-to-role GC

New general counsel face an overwhelming number of tasks during their first few months. The solution? Building a detailed plan. Use the insights, advice and other tools included in this 8-step guide to make an impact in your new role.

Plan, implement and deliver on your strategy

Does your strategic plan promote legal initiatives that will drive enterprise productivity, innovation and growth? And how do you ensure you have the resources you need to make good on your plan? Kick-start your 2020 strategic plan with this step-by-step guide.

Focus on the legal areas that matter most

Legal leaders are searching for ways to improve their department amid competing priorities for their time and money. Use our key activities map to build the right plan for your function and the wider organization.

Benchmark your department

Wondering where to focus first? Our annual State of the Legal Function Benchmarks Report identifies what your peers are prioritizing this year, from outside counsel spend to staffing decisions and technology investments.

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