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Trends in Advertising Are Continuously Evolving

Advertising is a dynamic industry, constantly evolving and reinventing to embrace new adtech and media and to reach audiences in new ways. Driving business growth through your advertising plan requires a deeper understanding of your target consumers’ values.

Performance, Branding, Media Mix, and Formats.
I did not have the resources in-house, or the talent, for the help I needed, and I needed it in a lot of different areas. ... I spent a lot of time with Gartner and the experts. ... [It] was really a team, helping me and my leadership team succeed and go to market quickly ... all in all, it was a team effort.

Leslie Doty

Former CMO, Time Inc.

Marketing leaders can deliver on advertising results

Advertising encompasses the creation, delivery and orchestration of paid marketing messages and content across multiple advertising channels. Evolving your advertising strategy and optimizing your media mix can help ensure your team can make investments with confidence and achieve demonstratable results.

Quality = Targetability + Interactivity + Richness of media

Insights you can use

Ensure your team can make investments with confidence and achieve demonstrable results by leveraging Gartner’s tools and models to maximize ad program value, allocate budget across old and new formats and effectively measure your ad campaigns.

Where should you invest your adtech?

Understand what’s hype and what’s proven to identify which advertising technologies are relevant to solve your business needs. The Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising provides the overview you need to understand where to invest adtech budget and when to serve business objectives.

Your advertising strategy is showing

Smart marketers will harness the power of consumer conversation in their advertising strategies.

Take programmatic advertising in-house

Calibrate investment to media spend, take a phased approach and leverage hybrid tactics to successfully bring programmatic advertising in-house.

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Case Study

Financial Services Institution Effectively Expands Target Market

A financial services firm wanted to expand its customer base with an offering for women. Gartner helped the firm build an inclusive advertising strategy to improve market penetration with both men and women, and increased campaign responses by 10% in the new target market without negatively impacting the firm’s traditional customer base.

Gartner Topic Experts

We understand your challenges. We’ve been there. Our experts bring fresh ideas and best practices from years of success in the field — providing you with the confidence to lead boldly and help your team execute.

Eric Schmitt
Senior Director Analyst

Danielle Bailey

Lizzy Foo Kune
Senior Director Analyst

Andrew Frank
Distinguished VP Analyst

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