Digital Commerce - Top Challenges, Trends & Proven Next Steps Strategy

Drive revenue and market growth through digital sales channels

Investment in digital commerce continues to be the leading priority for CMOs

90% of CMOs are aggressively expanding their investments in digital commerce.

As customer preferences and behaviors continue to rapidly evolve the digital user experience in the direction of a “hybrid” mix of digital self-service and in-person experiences,the CMO faces pressure  to sustain performance and deliver incremental results.

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Learn which digital commerce trends can help you meet increasing customer expectations.

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    Gartner helped us shape a digital mindset among the leadership team. The industry reports and Digital IQ have helped us understand our performance in a fast-changing landscape and triggered new digital opportunities.

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    Digital commerce maturity dominates the CMO’s growth priorities

    Digital commerce’s strategic importance continues to grow: While many organizations continue to hit or exceed their commercial targets, those with strong digital commerce strategy lead the pack. This is because advanced digital marketing organizations have the capability to scale up existing or set up new digital commerce routes to market, while operating in a sustainable way that does not compromise on other goals. Organizations with a lower level of maturity must now take this as a catalyst to change and invest in foundational capabilities that will translate into greater digital commerce performance.

    Digital commerce resources you can use

    Gartner for Marketers offers a wide range of marketing resources and tools with robust insights to help you improve your digital commerce maturity and keep you up-to-date with the latest in this space. Optimize and enhance your digital commerce strategy with the following resources.

    Prioritize your short- and long-term digital commerce initiatives

    As the strategic importance of digital commerce increases, engaging customers on digital platforms with evolving behaviors and customer expectations gets tough. CMOs can drive a competitive advantage for their product with this infographic on strategic priorities by industry. 

    Top 5 Digital Commerce Findings for Marketing Leaders

    Are you aware of where other digital marketing leaders are prioritizing efforts to drive growth? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn the five key digital commerce findings and understand where your peers stand on digital commerce performance, experience, maturity, challenges, and resource prioritization.

    Digital Commerce Maturity Framework

    This proven one-page framework can help you assess your current digital commerce maturity and determine a path towards your organization’s ideal state.

    3 Digital Commerce Trends to Know for Long-Term Growth

    Organizations with advanced digital commerce capabilities are better equipped to drive sustainable, long-term growth. Don’t miss these 3 trends and suggested actions that can help propel your digital commerce go-to-market strategy and future investment plans.

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    To describe it in the easiest way- digital commerce is the selling and buying of products and/or services online. Largely stimulated by the modernization of technology, digital commerce has been embraced as an integral cog in the inner workings of the online business world.

    Digital commerce strategy is a forelooking plan to grow in the digital space by accelerating digital revenue streams to create an impactful connection with current and potential customers that eventually lead to increased revenue for the business. It is an important part of scaling a business in today’s time.

    Nowadays, digital commerce is much more than just a mere sales channel. Customers today research about a product or service online before they go to a physical store, creating an important place for brands to be in. Digital commerce also provides the right place for a brand to take its traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative, loved brand. It’s much more convenient for customers, increases marketing opportunities, reach and most importantly is easily scalable if done right.

    The two important factors that influence digital commerce, technology and customer behavior, are rapidly changing, creating a few challenges like defining a customer base, delivering consistent experience to customers, meeting customer expectations through latest technologies and generating relevant traffic to websites.

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