Digital Performance Benchmarks

Use marketing benchmarks to maximize the impact of digital efforts.

Brands face more pressure to justify digital investment

Leading digital marketing leaders benchmark their brands’ digital performances over time and compare them with industry and best-in-class brands. This view of their brand health helps leaders prioritize digital investment according to their brands’ biggest digital marketing opportunities in established and emerging digital channels. Marketing leaders who leverage this type of sophisticated digital marketing benchmarking win investment with a clear and measurable digital roadmap.

Use our sample report to compare your brand’s performance on digital channels relative to competitors and out-of-category peers.

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Digital IQ Index: Big Box, U.S., 2020

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    Gartner helped us shape a digital mindset among the leadership team. The industry reports and Digital IQ have helped us understand our performance in a fast-changing landscape and triggered new digital opportunities.

    VP, Marketing, Clarins

    How digital marketers can improve their performance with benchmarking

    Forward-thinking digital marketing leaders actively measure their performance across site, digital marketing channels, social media and path to puchase relative to their industry competitors and challenger brands. They prioritize knowing what good digital marketing looks like and how to succeed on evolving digital channels to prioritize future digital marketing activities and investments.

    Genius brands over-index in digital marketing (search, email, advertising) relative to other aspects of digital

    Digital benchmark insights you can use

    The Gartner for Marketers unrivaled digital benchmarking tools, such as the Gartner Digital IQ Index, provide marketers with the metrics and marketing benchamarks they need and winning tactical advice to improve the performance of their digital marketing efforts.

    Prioritize the right digital investments, objectives with our marketing maturity assessment tool

    Are you in the process of benchmarking your digital marketing performance with respect to your industry leaders? The Gartner Marketing Maturity Assessment Tool can help you maximize the impact of your digital marketing activities by identifying relevant metrics for benchmarking and revealing gaps between where you are and where you want to be in terms of digital maturity.

    Conquesting Digital Strategies for Aiding Customer Research

    Have you ever wondered how to aid customer research and convert new customers? Download our research to learn how to build competitive ad buying strategies on Google to drive customer awareness and engagement and spark brand switching.

    How Top Brands Win With Digital Marketing Intelligence

    Leading marketers actively measure their digital performance across web, social media, mobile and digital relative to their competitors and challenger brands. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how B2B and B2C brands can develop an effective digital marketing campaign to differentiate themselves and stand out among the competing brands.

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    FAQs related to digital performance benchmarks

    Digital Performance benchmarks are standard measurements that help you understand how well your digital marketing function is performing in its current state and identify areas of competitive advantage and competitive parity.

    Digital performance benchmarks are used to compare your digital performance on different parameters against peers and position yourself to drive business goals. Digital performance benchmarks help an organization evaluate its digital marketing maturity to reveal gaps between where it is and where it wants to go.

    The Gartner digital performance benchmarks help marketers assess the gaps between your current and desired state. Learn how can you leverage Gartner's Digital IQ Index to see how your marketing function’s digital performance stacks up against peers.

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