Digital Performance Benchmarks

Prove the impact of your investments with digital performance benchmarks across web, social, mobile and digital

Brands face more pressure to justify digital investment

Leading digital marketers benchmark their brands’ digital performance over time and compare it with industry and best-in-class brands. This view of their brand health helps marketers prioritize digital investment based on their brand's biggest digital opportunities in established and emerging digital channels. Marketers who leverage this type of sophisticated benchmarking win investment with a clear and measurable digital roadmap.

The Gartner L2 Digital IQ Spider Chart showing markers for competitive benchmarking

Gartner helped us shape a digital mindset among the leadership team. The industry reports and Digital IQ have helped us understand our performance in a fast-changing landscape and triggered new digital opportunities.

VP, Marketing, Clarins

How marketers can improve their digital performance

Leading marketers actively measure their digital performance across web, social, mobile and digital relative to their competitors and challenger brands. They prioritize knowing what good digital marketing looks like and how to succeed on evolving digital channels, such as Amazon, to prioritize future investments. 

Genius brands over-index in digital marketing (search, email, advertising) relative to other aspects of digital

Insights you can use

Gartner for Marketers’ unrivaled digital performance benchmarking tools such as the Gartner DIgital IQ Index and Amazon IQ Index provide marketers with the metrics they need and winning tactical advice to improve their digital marketing. 

Determine where you are winning and losing in digital

See how you compare with your industry’s digital marketing performance and top competitors over time in the Gartner Digital IQ Index

Brands can win in the Amazon age

Amazon accounts for 54% of product searches and had 7.35 billion site visits in the first quarter of 2019. Many brands are adapting their digital strategies and investing on Amazon to grow their brands and sales. 

Prioritize the right investments and objectives

Identify the digital channels and tactics to invest in for optimal performance and evaluate your organization’s marketing maturity to reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to go.

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