Marketing Channel Benchmarking

Maximize the impact of your digital marketing campaigns with best-in-class marketing channel strategy.

Multiple challenges are currently impacting email marketing conversion

Despite being a fundamental touchpoint, only 47% of marketing leaders cited email marketing as the most effective channel for driving sales conversion.

Rapid change in customer habits, increase in generic email campaigns, lack of personalization and less use of customer data have made brands struggle to drive conversion and email marketing ROI. Our email marketing benchmarks report serves as a critical starting point for marketing teams to capture a greater share of consumer attention while navigating these new and evolving challenges.

Use our email benchmarks report to get insights into email marketing benchmarks by industry and leading brands. You will also uncover:

  • Email marketing metrics, best practices and trends
  • How marketing leaders are leveraging customer data to improve personalization efforts
  • Innovative email marketing strategy examples from best-in-class brands to improve email marketing strategy

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Optimize your email campaign to drive conversion.

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    Gartner helped us shape a digital mindset among the leadership team. The industry reports and Digital IQ have helped us understand our performance in a fast-changing landscape and triggered new digital opportunities.

    VP, Marketing, Clarins

    Marketers can improve their performance with marketing channel benchmarks

    Access hundreds of data points detailing the sum of your brand’s digital efforts across dimensions and six distinct industry groups. Marketing channel benchmarks help:

    • Measure your performance marketing against leading brands.
    • Apply best email, social and advertising strategies to your campaign.
    • Achieve engagement goals and conversion.
    • Allocate marketing budget and digital spend.
    Genius brands over-index in digital marketing (search, email, advertising) relative to other aspects of digital

    Marketing channel benchmark resources you can use

    Gartner for Marketers offers a wide range of channel benchmarking resources which benchmarks over 1,200 brands across six industries to provide marketers with robust benchmarks to improve the performance of your marketing channels campaign. Optimize and enhance your marketing channel strategy with our advertising, social and email benchmarking reports.

    The Gartner Advertising Benchmarks Digital IQ 2021

    The digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving and marketing leaders are expected to deliver better business results. Watch our on-demand webinar on digital advertising benchmarking to get actionable insights that can help improve your brand’s digital advertising performance.

    3 Key Take-Aways About Digital Marketing From Top Brands

    Learn critical lessons from top-performing brands to drive superior marketing channel performance especially when there is a shift in spending due to tight budgets and new restrictions that have reduced ad targeting and measurement opportunities.

    Use Gartner’s Social Marketing Benchmarks to Drive More Social Engagement

    This complimentary webinar on social media benchmarks will help you get insights into evolving social media landscapes, uncover best practices across industries and tips to drive social engagement via social media benchmarking tools.

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    Gartner marketing channel benchmarks help you measure, prioritize and improve functional activities and processes against your peers and competitors. Gartner recently launched a series of benchmarking reports to help marketers benchmark their emailsocial and advertising marketing strategies.

    Here is the list of different marketing channels: 

    • SEO
    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Video marketing 
    • Advertising

    To optimize and enhance your marketing channel strategy, use Gartner’s channel benchmarking reports to keep a pulse on successful strategies and priorities of cross-industry leaders and brands. This will also help you understand marketing metrics, build customer data, and create wider audience outreach and better sales conversion.

    Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,000 enterprises in 100+ countries.

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