Maximizing Digital Marketing Performance

A global credit services organization was looking for ways to maximize its digital marketing efforts. The client was uncertain whether (and how) to eliminate external agencies and build an internal, full-service provider. With Gartner’s help, the client was able to gain confidence and validate an initial structure for a new digital marketing team.

Most critical priority

The client recognized that in order to drive growth and performance, they needed to maximize their digital marketing efforts. They turned to Gartner for guidance related to establishing a digital services center of excellence with best-in-class organizational design and a full complement of skills.

How Gartner helped

Gartner helped the client benchmark their current performance against peers by identifying proven workflow processes/key performance indicators from leading digital agencies. Gartner’s expert guidance and insightful research on best-in-class organizational design built up the client’s confidence in shifting marketing operations in-house. In collaboration with the Gartner team, the client was able to develop a strategic roadmap to structure a new in-house digital marketing team.

Business impact

With the support from Gartner for Marketing Leaders, the client:

  • Gained confidence.
  • Got clarity on the feasibility of shifting marketing in-house.
  • Successfully validated an initial structure for a new digital marketing team. As part of the ongoing collaboration, Gartner and the client are currently examining implementation efforts to help maximize results.

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