Optimize Customer Experience Using Customer Data

To elevate their customer experience, a leading public utility company, decided to build a customer data-driven environment. Though this was a priority, they did not have the budget needed to purchase a platform or outsource this work. Using Gartner research and expert advisors, the client was able to evaluate their existing technology and adjust their marketing org structure to ultimately incorporate analytical rigor into their processes to improve customer experience.

Mission-critical priority

The client needed to improve the usage of their customer data and analytics, and wanted to develop an in-house framework to maintain a single point-of-contact for all customer data points to optimize customer experiences.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided the client with best practices and benchmarks, such as the Gartner Marketing Assessment Tool, to identify inefficiencies in the existing processes, highlight critical areas of improvement, and evaluate existing technologies/data sources to determine if they had a viable setup to build an internal data environment with their current resources. Working with the Gartner team, the client was able to develop a strategic roadmap to build an in-house, customer-data-driven environment and incorporate analytical rigor into their business processes.

Business impact

Gartner for Marketing Leaders helped the client:

  • Develop a high-usage alert for their customers in a condensed time frame (six months earlier than the estimated time of completion).

  • Establish significant cost savings.

  • Improve customer response and experience by effectively managing customer feedback and engagement.

Regulated Utilities

$6 Billion


Executive Director, Marketing

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