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Build an Agile Marketing Operations Strategy

What are the keys to adopting an agile approach to marketing operations strategy? 

Marketing operations leaders are turning to agile ways of working to shorten time to market and improve productivity across their operations, yet struggle to shift to fully agile ways of working and standardize business processes across the function.

Use the Gartner research report Uncertain Times Call for Agile Strategic Planning in Marketing to:

  • Build an adaptable approach to strategic planning
  • Create an agile marketing operations plan that withstand times of uncertainty
  • Discover steps to integrate an agile methodology into your marketing strategy


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Build an adaptive marketing operations strategy for times of uncertainty

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    Align critical marketing operations skills with overall strategic goals to deliver business value

    Marketing operations is a vast domain and includes a variety of activities. To drive business outcomes, marketing leaders must build relevant marketing skills and identify the right mix of skills to cultivate, aligned with organizationwide strategic goals.

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    Strategic marketing operations insights
    you can use

    Gartner insights and advice help CMOs and marketing operations leaders to establish a discrete function with operational skills that enable efficient and scalable process excellence and marketing accountability.

    Redesign your marketing organizational structure to achieve your goals

    CMOs and marketers aspire for greater agility, responsiveness and control, but fight operational challenges. Use our research to co-create your marketing organizational structure with your team from problem definition through implementation.

    Ensure marketing operations is a strategic function

    If marketing operations gets saddled with execution, it will prioritize execution and not the building and optimization of sustainable marketing systems. Learn how CMOs and marketing operations leaders ensure that the investment in marketing ops activities and roles pays off. 

    Maximize the impact of marketing initiatives with marketing operations

    Gartner research says 49% of marketers have a marketing operations leader in at least one team. Watch our complimentary webinar to discover how a marketing operations leader can help the marketing organization become more effective by productivity, flexibility, and increasing ROI, productivity.

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    To improve alignment, execution and deliver value, marketing leaders should create a marketing operations function to:

    • Define, optimize, govern and monitor marketing processes continuously by improving alignment with the business 

    • Facilitate the development and governance of marketing strategy, operational plans and associated budgets 

    • Support and empower your team with tools and technology

    Here are the primary responsibilities of the marketing operations team:

    • Strategy and planning facilitation and effective communications

    • Campaign and lead management

    • Process optimization and governance

    • Data and analytics optimization and governance

    • Marketing technology selection, integration, optimization, governance and adoption

    To manage and optimize marketing operations costs: evaluate people, partners, processes and technologies to determine what can be eliminated, simplified, better-utilized, standardized, centralized, automated or renegotiated in each area. Leverage Gartner’s Cost Optimization resources to help.

    Gartner Marketing Operations Case Studies

    For today’s CMO, the expanding scope of marketing and a growing list of responsibilities are major challenges. Time, resources and teams are spread thin, requiring CMOs to focus on high-impact initiatives and also eliminate programs, platforms and partners that do not make material contributions.

    Christopher Ross

    VP Analyst, Gartner
    Case Study

    Communicating marketing’s value to the business

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