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Achieve organizational goals by aligning people, processes and technology with marketing strategy

Marketing leaders need to deliver growth

As marketing’s expected contribution to business success increases, marketing teams need to establish a new and discrete function with operational skills that enable efficient and scalable process excellence and marketing accountability. Marketing leaders tasked with delivering growth must be able to operationalize their strategic marketing plans by aligning their processes, partners and technology.

Driving cost optimization across the enterprise by leaders, roles, and functions
I went [to Time Inc.] to really transform the company, to optimize the business, and to create new revenue streams to drive growth — with a very, very short runway. I spent a lot of time with Gartner and the experts ... to bring in outside best practices ... So It was really a team — [Gartner was] helping me and helping my leadership team to succeed, go to market quickly, to put the strategies together quickly.

Leslie Doty

Former CMO, Time Inc.

Marketing Leaders can deliver growth through integrated marketing departments

CMOs or Marketers tasked with delivering growth in their marketing org must be able to operationalize their strategic plans. This includes gathering and deploying the resources, processes and tools that power capabilities of marketing departments according to marketing strategy plans — and executing those plans effectively and efficiently.

Master profile types: Traditional T, Fat T, Specialist and Emerging

Marketing Organization Insights you can use

Gartner insights and advice help leaders optimize their marketing organizations to achieve their business goals.

Prove the Value of Marketing to the Enterprise

To link marketing initiatives to business value, CMOs must seek out metrics that are indicators of marketing success and operational excellence. Find out how to plan and prepare for measuring marketing’s quantitative value in your Marketing Organization and develop a future outlook.

Driving Cost Optimization Across the Marketing Organization

Leading CMOs approach cost-optimization/budgeting as an expansive, always-on effort that can have both an immediate and a long-term impact on how marketing delivers against business goals. Learn how to identify and implement cost optimization strategies into your marketing organization.

Cut Costs, Not People: 7 Cost Optimization Questions for Marketers

Marketing leaders must calibrate priorities and fine-tune spending as part of continued marketing operations. Use our cost optimization framework to redeploy talent more effectively at a time of shrinking budgets in your marketing organization.

Build a Best-in-Class Marketing Analytics Organization

Nearly 50% of all marketers say their biggest challenge is building a competitive analytics organization. Watch our on-demand webinar today to learn what skills you need for a best-in-class marketing analytics organization and if you might already have those skills in house.

How we support Marketing Organizations

Our experts, backed by unbiased data, will support you as you build effective organization structures, optimize operations in your marketing organization and grow your marketing department’s capabilities to deliver measurable results.

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