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Marketing leadership must be rooted in the wider business strategy while providing an aspirational, forward-looking perspective. To bring all the elements of an innovative marketing strategy together, successful CMOs address both cultural and operational perspectives within the marketing organization.

CMO strategy imperatives: Marketing strategy development, marketing and business innovation accceleration, creating and managing disruption, marketing leadership and organizational effectiveness, transformation and change management
It’s time to change habits. The CMO is no longer just the bullhorn for the brand; they are the lead conductor of the company’s growth engine.

Ewan McIntyre

VP Analyst, Gartner for Marketers

Marketing plans aligned to business strategy drive business growth

Evolving and increasingly demanding customer needs and a tougher competitor landscape means that marketing teams are looking for new strategic approaches and innovation opportunities. Marketing success depends on generating new customers and anticipating, understanding and fulfilling their needs. Achieving this requires skills that encompass marketing strategy, thought leadership, customer experience, and business innovation. As well as the ability to execute a strategic marketing plan in an effective and efficient way.

Average time per week spent on planning -- 21.9 hours by corporate strategies, 10.1 hours by business executives and their teams.

Strategic Marketing Insights you can use

Marketing is undergoing a massive transformation. To thrive and survive in this changing landscape, marketing leaders must proactively develop an effective marketing plan aligned with enterprise-wide objectives. Gartner insights, advice and tools help marketing leaders by providing guidance on the most important strategic topics to drive successful marketing campaigns and achieve their marketing goals.

Accelerate business innovation through marketing strategy development

Most executives surveyed view strategic planning as a waste of time. Strategic Marketing plans don’t measure up or deliver forecast benefits. Gartner provides you with insights shared by functional leaders as well as lessons learned and best-practice advice to develop a successful marketing strategy plan and achieve the desired marketing goals.

Scenario Planning as a Marketing Strategy Enablement Tool

To succeed in the current volatile business environment, CMOs must anticipate the future and create suitable action plans to stay ahead of market disruption. Learn how to develop a robust marketing strategy framework for scenario planning and prepare the organization to act when scenarios materialize.

Navigate transformation through marketing thought leadership and organizational effectiveness

Gartner annual CMO Spend Survey is a strategic marketing bellwether that taps into the budget and spending commitments of CMOs in North America and the U.K. The CMO Spend Survey uncovers marketing tactics, capabilities, channels and metrics that are essential to marketing success.


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