1Q 2023

The Chief Marketing Officer

Leadership Vision for Defining Moments

The first quarter of 2023 has forced CMOs to contend with many of the same uncertainties that defined 2022.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, continued threats of economic volatility and consumer unease persist. Success in 2023 will be determined by your ability to combine a response to shifts in customer demand with shoring up internal budgeting and planning. 

The Q1 2023 edition of the Chief Marketing Officer Journal brings new perspective to the consumer, budgetary and macro challenges CMOs are facing this year, along with the leadership vision they’ll need to respond to them.

Use this Chief Marketing Officer Journal to:

  • Discover where CMOs must take action in 2023
  • Understand the consumer and cultural trends shaping 2023
  • Learn how to navigate budgetary pressures 
  • Harness the latest trends and data with a focused vision to guide your organization

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Discover where CMOs must take action in 2023.

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    Leadership Vision: 3 Key Themes Driving CMO Strategies in 2023

    CMOs have an imperative to drive efficient growth in a volatile environment. Successful CMOs will respond to challenges with a relentless focus on customer value, purposeful evolution of the marketing function and continual optimization of brand value.

    To learn more about the key focus areas for CMOs in 2023 check out Gartner’s Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Vision 2023

    How to Navigate Budgetary Pressures in 2023

    Economic uncertainty will continue for the foreseeable future, limiting economic growth and encouraging organizations to reconsider budget assumptions and priorities.  Although rising inflation, shifting sentiment and scarce talent may make that harder, marketing’s mission is still the same: Create long-term value. Use this research to understand four strategies to help CMOs justify marketing budgets and lessen the impact of budget cuts.

    Predicting How Major Trends Will Shape Marketing’s Future

    Against a backdrop of unrelenting social and economic pressures, CMOs look toward a future where smarter marketing leads to deeper, more valuable connections between customers and brands. To prepare for 2023 and beyond, Gartner has developed five key strategic planning assumptions (SPAs) along with guidance on how CMOs should prepare for and respond to each. Read the research to learn more.


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