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Leverage Digital Channels for Business Growth

As digital commerce continues to grow significantly, marketers must develop an effective digital marketing strategy to achieve business goals. Our survey findings reveal digital channels account for almost 80% of budgets in 2020 and 62% of CMOs expect total media spend to bounce back in 2021. 

Use our survey results to learn how CMO priorities are changing in terms of the shift toward digital channels and gain key insights to drive your own key initiatives.

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    Digital marketers struggle to translate digital strategy into effective campaigns

    In today’s fragmented marketplace, organizations are increasing digital investments in a variety of digital channels. Digital marketing leaders are now posed with a challenge to devise an effective digital strategy, and plan, execute and evaluate the impact of their marketing efforts. The key is to develop a digital marketing plan that adopts a coordinated multi-channel approach in order to maximize the impact of digital initiatives on customer behavior and make well-informed decisions with data-driven benchmarking.

    A list describing how to develop an effective digital marketing strategy by focus area and objective.

    Gartner helped us shape a digital mindset among the leadership team. The industry reports and Digital IQ have helped us understand our performance in a fast-changing landscape and triggered new digital opportunities.

    VP, Marketing, Clarins

    How we address your top digital marketing challenges

    Digital marketing can be a deciding factor in driving customer acquisition and customer retention. Gartner’s data-driven benchmarking, expert advice and peer-sourced insights help digital marketers to create an effective digital marketing strategy and optimize the business impact of digital initiatives on different digital channels that deliver maximum return.

    Where Should You Invest Your Martech Spend?

    Are you looking for a way to identify which Martech technologies are relevant to solve your business needs? The Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing provides the overview digital marketers need to understand where to invest their Martech spend to drive the most value and create an effective digital marketing plan.

    Create a Value-Driven Digital Marketing Plan and Personalize Digital Commerce Experience to Steer Business Growth

    Digital marketers have entered a new environment flanked by consumer desires for increasingly personalized content and more robust data protection. Learn how to successfully develop an effective digital marketing strategy and navigate these new realities by taking a holistic approach to capture data from both explicit and implicit data sources.

    How Top Brands Win With Digital Marketing Intelligence

    Are you measuring digital marketing KPIs the right way? Do you have an effective digital marketing plan? Leading digital marketers have a well designed digital marketing strategy and actively measure their digital performance across digital channels relative to their competitors and challenger brands. Learn about the digital strategy winning B2B and B2C brands have adopted to stand out from their competitors.

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    As a new-to-role Digital Marketing Leader,  creating an effective digital marketing strategy and, building, executing and measuring the performance of the digital marketing campaigns on different digital channels will be a critical factor to evaluate your success. Use Gartner’s expert advice and digital performance benchmarks research to develop a value-driven digital strategy and enhance the business impact of your digital initiatives on multiple digital channels.

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