Accelerate Growth as a Marketing Operations and Analytics Leader

Focus on ROI and the impact of your marketing strategy to deliver business value

Marketers today seek an integrated approach to marketing measurement

Did you know that there are four main methods to measure marketing's impact?

Marketing ops and analytics leaders have long been exploring how to track data properly and utilize reports that help them strategise better and deliver sales and revenue. To articular the full picture of your marketing efforts, it's important to leverage advance marketing analytics methods and technologies. 

Our research will help marketing leaders responsible for data and analytics to develop an integrated approach to marketing measurement with four methods for maximum impact.

Leverage this research to: 

  • Learn four methods to measure the impact of marketing
  • Pursue an integrated approach to marketing measurement
  • Discover actionable Gartner recommendations to succeed in your role as a marketing operations and analytics leader

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Uncover four methods to measure the impact of your marketing efforts

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    We went out to San Diego, and the term we always use is that ‘the light seemed to go on’ for us at that point in time.

    Jim Pendergast

    Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, AARP

    How we address your top marketing operations and analytics challenges

    Marketing organizations are undergoing a massive transformation. To thrive and survive in this changing landscape, marketing ops and analytics leaders must proactively develop an effective marketing strategy aligned with enterprise-wide objectives and identify effective ways to measure marketing's impact to drive ROI and business growth. Gartner’s indispensable insights, advice and tools help Marketing leaders to look at the bigger picture of marketing to inform decision making.

    How to Prove the Value of Marketing

    As a marketing ops and analytics leader, you will have to effectively measure and prove the value of marketing’s performance with critical business stakeholders. Use this guide to defend your marketing budget and win buy in from stakeholders. 

    Maximize the Impact of Marketing Initiatives with Marketing Operations

    View our complimentary on-demand webinar to discover how a marketing operations leader can help the marketing organization become more effective by increasing ROI, productivity, flexibility and moving towards optimized operational marketing technology.

    5-Step Framework to Navigate Marketing Transformation

    Marketing ops leaders often feel ill-equipped to successfully guide their marketing teams through change. Learn how our 5-step framework can help you identify your marketing team’s capability, potential and action steps to navigate marketing transformation.

    Get Global Recognition

    If you have a Communications and/or Marketing Leader who has achieved outstanding success in their role and has truly pushed boundaries, it's time to showcase their attributes and achievements to the world.

    Submit your entry for the Gartner Marketing and Communications Awards and stand a chance to have your leader globally recognized!

    New to your marketing operations and analytics leadership role?

    Your success as a new-to-role Marketing Operations and Analytics leader will depend on your ability to establish a solid foundation of measuring marketing's impact and delivering ROI with your marketing efforts. Use Gartner advice, and its wide range of supporting resources, to develop an effective marketing strategy and deliver the required business outcomes and achieve success in your new role.

    Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo™

    Connect with CMOs and marketing leaders to get the latest insights on marketing technology, trends, innovation and more.

    Marketing operations questions Gartner can help answer

    Primary responsibilities:

    • Creative oversight of all marketing work and campaigns
    • Strategic campaign planning
    • Execution of strategic plans and campaigns 

    Secondary responsibilities: 

    • Performance measurement 
    • Technology and process optimization  

    Other responsibilities 

    • Data analytics and reporting

    Optimizing marketing operations is vital in developing an effective marketing strategy for your business. To do this, marketing leaders must be able to operationalize strategic marketing plans. That means identifying areas requiring input, including technology, processes, talent and strategic direction, and executing a plan to get them working. Marketing leaders must gather and deploy the resources, people, processes and tools that power marketing capabilities aligned with strategic plans. They must also execute those plans effectively and efficiently. 

    There’s no denying that marketing is an increasingly critical pillar of any business. Without the right strategic marketing approach, product and service offerings are at significant risk of failure. If you want a more effective marketing strategy powered by an optimized marketing operations scope, Gartner has the tools and resources to deliver growth to your organization.

    Of the organizations surveyed for research, it was reported that almost one-quarter of outgoing marketing budgets is being spent on external vendors and agency services. Although external service providers are important to a marketing organization’s function, there are ways to optimize outgoing costs that don’t impact business revenue. 

    In-housing has been a major area of focus for optimizing marketing spend and has been a proven cost-saver. Upskilling existing staff and strategically hiring talent to fill specific skills gaps are effective ways to make activity more cost-efficient and enhance in-house process management. 

    Understanding the value that different types of marketing service providers offer enables marketing operations managers to ensure that they deliver an optimal mix of in-house talent and outsourced expertise that is flexible and scalable to the changing needs, processes, revenue and capabilities of the organization.

    Marketing leaders in the evolving digital landscape need to optimize their organizational structure and transform their existing project management approach using agile marketing practices to build a more scalable, flexible and resilient marketing organization. 

    The most sustainable and effective strategy is to design a marketing team capable of strong internal and external collaboration — one with the talent to lead, contribute and cooperate simultaneously.

    For greater flexibility and agility within marketing organizations, marketing team members should be able to “toggle” among roles, filling gaps where required on individual campaigns or projects. That means they should be capable of leading one project, contributing to another, and planning or collaborating on multiple initiatives.

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