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As the complexity of the marketing environment grows, the need for well-defined marketing operations capabilities, processes and resources becomes essential. Untimely response to such changes can set up marketing teams for failure. Winning marketing organization and operations leaders focus on optimizing capabilities, processes, and structures aligned with enterprise-wide strategic plans to enhance performance and maximize business value.

An overview of marketing organization and operations includes agency and service provider management, marketing operations, and marketing organizational structure and effectiveness.

We went out to San Diego, and the term we always use is that ‘the light seemed to go on’ for us at that point in time.

Jim Pendergast

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, AARP

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Marketing operations is undergoing a massive transformation. To thrive and survive in this changing landscape, marketing leaders must proactively develop an effective marketing strategy aligned with enterprise-wide objectives, identify an optimal marketing organization structure and select the right outsourcing agencies/partners. Gartner’s indispensable insights, advice and tools help Marketing leaders to optimize their team’s capabilities and deliver consistent growth.

Marketing Operations and Organization Structure: What It Is and Why It Matters?

Marketers must develop an effective marketing strategy and implement agile techniques to enable greater flexibility and responsiveness in their marketing organization. This study dives deep into how your marketing peers are approaching organization design-structures, marketing operations workstyles and capabilities while answering marketer’s most critical marketing organization questions.

Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy to Optimize Marketing Operations

Our experts, backed by insightful data and benchmarking reports, will support you as you build effective organizational structures, optimize operations and grow your capabilities to deliver measurable results.

How to Best Organize for Business Continuity Management

Are your business continuity management (BCM) efforts up to the challenge? This complimentary webinar reveals key practices for strong BCM and how you can use BCM in times of crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Your success as a new-to-role Marketing Organization and Operations leader will depend on your ability to establish a solid team foundation and align the marketing organization and its operations, talent, partners and capabilities to the organization-wide strategic goals. Use Gartner advice, and its wide range of supporting resources, to develop an effective marketing strategy and deliver the required business outcomes and achieve success in your new role.

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