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Gartner’s Priorities Navigator for CMOs outlines the top challenges that CMOs face today.

Use this navigator to uncover CMO priorities across various marketing initiatives including:

  • Marketing Leadership & Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing Channel & Content
  • Marketing Technology
  • Marketing Operations
  • Marketing Organization & Talent
  • Marketing Data & Analytics
  • Customer Acquisition & Growth
  • Industry-Specific Marketing Strategy & Execution

What are the top priorities for CMOs?

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    CMOs must establish marketing at the center of the business strategy to differentiate itself

    Benchmarking against your peers and competitors is an essential priority for the CMO when developing strategy and budget. But much deeper than budget allocation are strategic priorities (including brand management), organization alignment and metrics for specialized programs, such as personalization, innovation and customer experience. These drivers of investment are important cross-functionally in indicating the success of marketing and how that sits in the broader enterprise.

    CMO strategic imperatives: marketing strategy development, marketing and business innovation acceleration, creating and managing disruption, marketing leadership and organizational effectiveness, and transformation and change management.

    How to address top Chief Marketing Officer challenges

    Digital transformation, increased competition and changing economic times are triggering major shifts in thinking and practice. Gartner is here to guide you. We’ll help evolve your leadership by prioritizing strategic initiatives, providing robust benchmarks and tactical tools to help you make informed decisions, execute quickly and be a successful CMO 

    Execute your CMO Leadership Vision

    Uncover the key issues affecting CMOs today and actions you must take to successfully stay ahead of disruption and address changes that threaten the future of your brand.  CMOs and marketing leaders can use Gartner's research to navigate uncertainty and accelerate business growth.

    3 Techniques to Prove Marketing Value

    In the current volatile environment, CMOs should have a strategy to prove the value of their marketing and defend their marketing budget. Use these 3 techniques to prove marketing's value in uncertain times and get recommendations on action steps in times of unavoidable budget cuts.

    Kick-Start your Marketing Strategy

    70% of executives express low confidence in their ability to translate strategy into action. Often, strategic marketing plans don’t measure up or become to difficult to execute. Gartner provides you with hands-on tools, templates and guidance to build a successful strategic plan for marketing that promotes initiatives to drive enterprise productivity, innovation and growth. 

    Protect your Marketing Investments

    Marketing budgets are under intense scrutiny and susceptible to significant cuts.  Successful CMOs must get C-suite buy-in for critical investments and provide a clear and persuasive view of how marketing creates value.

    New CMOs: A Roadmap to Success

    As a new CMO, you are expected to be well organized, strategic and decisive — focused on business outcomes. Use Gartner's 100-day checklist as a springboard from which you develop and execute your long-term vision. This checklist has a crucial part to play in your first 100 days as a CMO.

    Explore what Gartner for Marketing can do for you

    Succeed as a New CMO

    New-to-role CMOs are taking on more responsibility than ever before and with that comes increased challenges.

    Gartner for Marketing Leaders can help CMOs as they tackle their mission critical priorities. Such as, driving digital transformation and growth and maximizing their martech stack.

    Working with Gartner has been a tremendous experience. Being the new CMO of Time Inc., I was trying to bring in new strategies and innovation, along with exploring new revenue channels for the organization. Gartner equipped me with the best practices that other organizations were performing. Although there was a lack of resources in-house, Gartner was always available as a team and helped me make the right decisions in marketing new launches.

    Leslie Doty

    Former CMO, Time Inc.

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