Although planning forms the foundation of every strong marketing strategy, most marketers still struggle with the process itself and often fall prey to a breadth of dis-jointed tactical activities vs. adhering to a strategic marketing plan. Whether due to a shortage of time, a lack of data, or minimal executive support, strategic planning often becomes a neglected activity that hampers marketers’ ability to effectively execute in today’s highly uncertain environment.

Does your marketing strategic plan promote initiatives that will drive enterprise productivity, innovation and growth?

Unlock part 1 of our strategic planning and budgeting essentials guide to receive:

  • Frameworks to benchmark key elements of your digital health and marketing performance to establish your current competitive positioning

  • Templates to determine implication of business goals on your marketing function
  • Interview guide to collaborate with key partners including marketing leadership and business-unit leaders to align with enterprise strategy
  • Peer examples to benchmark your marketing strategic plan against leading organizations