Break Down Silos
to Achieve
Supply Chain Transformation

Read how Gartner supported supply chain transformation at an American government agency.

Mission-critical priority

Recognizing the highly siloed nature of its supply chain organization, an American government agency dedicated resources toward supply chain transformation, but the project manager struggled mightily to overcome challenges stemming from a severe lack of cross-functional communication and coordination. The project manager turned to Gartner for support restructuring the organization, upgrading its systems and reshaping its processess.

How Gartner helped

The client:

  • Attended Gartner’s annual supply chain symposium to glean supply chain management best practices from expert-led seminars.
  • Participated in a Gartner-led workshop that brought together supply chain leaders from disparate teams for networking and problem solving.
  • Collaborated with Gartner’s Leadership Partner to roadmap various supply chain transformation initiatives. 

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain, the client: 

  • Broke down the organizational silos that had prevented supply chain transformation efforts from succeeding.
  • Established communication channels through which disparate supply chain teams can coordinate on shared transformation initiatives.
  • Improved understanding across the supply chain organization of transformation impacts, both positive and negative.

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