Grow Supply Chain Influence in Business Decision Making

The supply chain leadership team at a food & beverages firm partnered with Gartner to address immediate cost challenges as well as the need to grow supply chain influence in business decision making.

Mission-critical priority

The COVID-19 global pandemic sent year-over-year profits at a food & beverages firm into a freefall. As a result, corporate leadership demanded sweeping logistics and transportation cost cuts.

How Gartner helped

The client used:

  • Partnership with Gartner experts to build a comprehensive, highly relevant customer service plan
  • Research, benchmarks and diagnostics related to liquidity and risk assessment
  • Proven action plans for handling raw material shortages
  • Consultative advice for growing supply chain influence in business decision making

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain, the client:

  • Improved on key metrics and identified future growth opportunities in the areas of procurement, quality and manufacturing
  • Strengthened the position of supply chain within the corporate leadership team / the role of supply chain in business decision making
  • Streamlined how supply chain team members access best practices, data and tools

Food & Beverages

$1.5 billion (estimated)

> 3,500 (estimated)

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