Optimizing Supply Chain Planning Technology Investments

Supply chain planning tools built in-house at a high-tech manufacturer were falling short, so corporate leadership turned to Gartner for help identifying the right advanced planning & scheduling (APS) investment. Not only did Gartner assist with technology selection, but analysts also helped the client save more than 20% in technology implementation fees via cost ratio analysis.

Mission-critical priority

The in-house supply chain planning tools that a high-tech manufacturer had developed were falling short in terms of advancing supply chain planning capabilities.

Corporate leadership leaned on Gartner’s unparalleled technology expertise to identify the right APS investment because APS is a rather niche area, with few resources available to benchmark solutions and pricing models. To improve manufacturing efficiency, the client was looking to replace some of its planning tools that were developed in-house and were no longer adequate. 

How Gartner helped

After learning the company’s unique business needs, Gartner analysts provided insights on potential vendors and solution comparisons.

The company submitted a Request for Proposal to the selected vendor, and Gartner analysts (via the Gartner BuySmartTM service) reviewed the proposal in detail to determine the cost ratio between software licenses and implementation fees.  

Business impact

The BuySmart review revealed hidden cost drivers in the proposal, so Gartner analysts equipped corporate leadership at the company to negotiate changes to the proposal with the vendor.

Ultimately, the company saved more than 20% in software implementation costs.

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