Creating Value Through Supplier Segmentation

Read how Gartner helped the director of global procurement at an American technology, information and internet company evolve the supplier relationship management program.

Mission-critical priority

A large American company working with 500 suppliers partnered with Gartner to evolve its supplier relationship management program. Gartner diagnostic, research and advisory support helped the Director of Global Procurement at the company prioritize the 25 top suppliers. Supplier segmentation improves the efficiency of the procurement team, mitigates supply risks, and drives increased value for the supply chain.

How Gartner helped

The client used:

  • Gartner-led workshop to build the supplier relationship management strategy
  • Objective guidance on the key procurement initiatives to invest in
  • Challenging insight to shape the transformation of the supplier relationship management program
  • Expert analysis to help identify the 25 top suppliers among the 500 that the company works with

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain, the client: 

  • Prioritized the highest-value suppliers, which helps defend against costs, disruptions and customer churn 
  • Accelerated returns on supplier segmentation by leveraging lessons learned from peers
  • Defined metrics and actions to govern the supplier relationship management strategy

Technology, Information and Internet

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