Supply Chain Leadership Transition for CSCO

Develop a well-engineered plan for a successful CSCO transition

Leadership derailment leads to increased cost and decreased trust

Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) taking on new roles expect to succeed. They have climbed the rungs to leadership positions and been vetted, tested and proven over their careers. Yet even high-achieving supply chain leaders can find that their previously successful strategies and tactics cannot be perfectly retrofitted to their new roles. If new CSCOs are unprepared or unable to adapt to their new environment, they may be faced with a “derailment.” 

57% of leaders are rated by their line managers as highly likely to derail, which translated into a 27% actual derailment.

We already had the target. It was about the pace of getting there. We didn’t know exactly how we were going to get there. Whereas we looked at a five-year plan, we were able to get there at least one year quicker with Gartner.

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CSCOs in transition should prepare, connect, assess and act

Transitioning into a new leadership role can be one of the most stressful, yet rewarding, career milestones for an individual. Having a new leader in the business is also a disruptive event for an organization and its people. Getting transitions right is critical. A well-engineered transition process accelerates success and creates more value for the organization.

Bar graph displaying the contextual drivers for leadership derailment by percentage.

Insights you can use

Gartner’s future of work insights, advice, data and tools help supply chains move beyond the hype of predictions and provide CSCOs with the framework to have a successful transition.

How to Successfully Transition Into the CSCO Role

How can new chief supply chain officers navigate a new role and deliver? Successful CSCOs follow four steps to embrace the role and build standing in their organizations.

How to Implement Successful Change Initiatives in Your Supply Chain

Chief supply chain officers should follow three steps, including challenging the status quo, to drive change management initiatives in supply chain.

How New CSCOs Can Make a Faster Impact

Gartner’s leader-in-transition framework can help new CSCOs mitigate risk and save time in addressing priority issues. This complimentary video panel discussion of Gartner experts, including former CSCOs, will address your questions and help you get your supply chain leadership transition right.

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Before coming to this conference, I thought I would get information on how supply chains run in different companies. It exceeds my expectations on digitalization, what it means and how to get there. ...I gain a lot from this conference and am able to link up with like-minded peers.

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