Supply Chain Sustainability Performance

Integrating a circular supply chain management strategy

Supply chain sustainability issues challenge business growth

While companies strive for growth, our world is dramatically changing. Challenges of water scarcity, ocean pollution and packaging waste are exacerbated by a rapidly growing global population. Employees and communities want companies to lead solutions. The supply chain organization is positioned to help an enterprise balance its growth, profitability and social purpose goals as it shifts to sustainable business.

Far from perceiving sustainability as a costly inconvenience, supply chain leaders are using it to their advantage.

Miguel Cossio

Senior Principal Analyst, Gartner

Supply chains can prepare for a sustainable future

Investors, regulators, consumers and employees are redefining their expectations for the role of business in society. Chief supply chain officers are transforming their supply chain organizations to effectively manage ESG risk and drive competitive advantage with responsible sourcing, sustainable supply chain management and circular economy operating models.

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Gartner’s insights, advice, data and tools help supply chain leaders develop sustainable, responsible, and circular approaches to enable growth, manage assets and control costs.

Why Sustainability Matters to Supply Chain Sourcing

Sustainable sourcing is rapidly becoming a key market differentiator for businesses as more consumers look to purchase products from companies that act responsibly. With this growth opportunity, it’s no surprise that significant efforts are underway to incorporate sustainability within supply chains.

Transform Supply Chain for a Circular Economy Future

Circular economy models enable businesses to achieve growth while preserving natural resources. Supply chain organizations have an essential role in orchestrating the shift to circular economy. Gartner explains what the shift to circular economy means for the supply chain.

Supplying Sustainable Business Success

Gartner Senior Director Analyst Pam Fitzpatrick joins us to discuss why you need to become a sustainable business, and why your supply chain is the key to getting you there.

Take 4 Steps to Select the Best Responsible Sourcing Approach

The numerous approaches to responsible sourcing are often confusing, making program selection a challenge. Supply chain leaders should use this research to support the efficient and proper selection of responsible sourcing programs.

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