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The 2020 Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25

The Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 highlights supply chains that successfully advance healthcare by improving patient outcomes and controlling costs. Supply chain leaders in the healthcare industry can use lessons from these leading organizations to improve their own operations.

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Comparing the supply chains of the different participants in healthcare — IDNs, distributors, manufacturers and retailers — has immense value. While each organization may emphasize different aspects of their supply chain, every participant in the healthcare ecosystem has an impact on cost, delivery, clinical outcomes and patient experience.

Stephen Meyer


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Supply chain executives, consultants and academia focused on the healthcare and life sciences industry are eligible to join the peer voter group; only one peer voter per organization is accepted. Technology vendors and public relations, marketing and finance professionals are not eligible to participate. Gartner balances the peer voters across geographies, companies and functions, and reserves the right to accept or reject any offer to be a peer voter.

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Gartner recognizes that healthcare presents unique challenges to the supply chain, and specific skills are needed. Along with foundational capabilities, successful healthcare and life sciences supply chains constantly improve their patient focus, collaboration, network visibility, cost to serve and change management.

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