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Supply chain planning is a challenge for many companies. Research conducted by Gartner reveals that improving supply chain planning is one of the top three key initiatives for supply chain leaders. Within the planning space, supply planning dissatisfaction prevails. Gartner research shows that almost 60% of companies are dissatisfied with the fit between their supply planning objectives and supply planning capability.

60% of companies are dissatisfied with the fit between their supply planning objectives and supply planning capability.
While any organization can throw technology at planning, it makes more sense to pause a minute and think about what type of digital technology is appropriate.

Tim Payne

VP Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

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Robust and credible demand planning is the starting point for supply chain planning excellence. But a demand plan alone isn't enough. To establish a more responsive, agile and cost-efficient supply chain, you must link demand planning to supply planning and inventory management processes. Our insights, advice and tools can help.

How to Set Up S&OE in Supply Chain Planning

Many supply chain planning leaders don’t consider S&OP and S&OE as separate processes, and therefore end up with a mix that doesn’t work well for either planning or execution. Supply chain planners should set up a distinct S&OE process to better execute on S&OP plans and optimize costs.

A Supply Chain Planning Action Guide to Staying Agile in the Turns

While some focus only on short-term mitigation tactics, top performers defy conventional thinking. They keep focus on long-term strategy and execute preconceived plans when anticipated disruptions occur. Supply chain planning leaders must prepare and lead through all manner of turns.

Mitigate Risk When Evaluating Supply Chain Planning Technology

In this complimentary webinar, we provide a pilot program overview, including which pilot to consider based on your business objectives and what you must consider when designing a pilot into your supply chain planning technology evaluation.

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Companies must advance their supply chain planning capabilities or risk falling behind. Yet supply chain planning remains an underutilized resource. Now is the time for supply chain planning leaders to elevate the visibility of the function and demonstrate value to the overall business. Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit 2020 is designed to be an immersive conference for supply chain planning professionals looking to advance their maturity and improve capabilities. You’ll have access to brand-new Gartner supply chain planning research and hear real-world examples from leading organizations having a positive impact on the bottom line.

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