Driving a digital supply chain

How leaders can shape their supply chain digital transformation

Assessing supply chain technology for digital business

Conventional methods of assessing technology are ill-suited to support digital transformation as the slow pace of decision making cannot keep up with business volatility. To support the rapid pace of digital business, supply chain technology leaders focused on planning must:

  • Adopt a bimodal approach of managing separate but coherent processes for the business.
  • Place a greater emphasis on testing and learning when evaluating the supply chain planning technology.
  • Focus on technologies that fit organizational risk tolerance and process maturity.

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    As we looked at our five-year transformation, we were able to get there one to two years quicker with Gartner, but it also gave us the assurance and the confidence that we would actually realize our committed savings.


    Beverage Industry

    Changes in technology impact digital supply chain strategies

    With the large-scale technology changes impacting supply chains, leaders need to align technology requirements at global, regional and local levels with the company’s overall enterprise IT and business strategies. Supply chain leaders will also face the challenge of alignment. Ultimately, IT/supply chain technology strategies are an integral part of the business strategy, well-embedded and not thought of as a real separate strategy. 

    75% of supply chain organizations worldwide reported concerns about the governance of digital projects
    Converge the physical and digital supply chain to transform your business.

    Supply chains can prepare for digital transformation

    CSCOs responsible for designing, aligning and implementing supply chain strategy must improve the reliability and scalability of existing processes. At the same time, they must build a stronger competency for exploiting disruptive trends by adopting an integrated approach for supply chain transformation.

    Converge the physical and digital supply chain to transform your business.

    Supply chain insights you can use

    Gartner’s insights, advice, data and tools help supply chains focus on improving existing operations to boost today’s bottom line and forgo investments needed to support tomorrow’s top line.

    The 7 Dimensions of Digital Supply Chain Planning

    Gartner sees digital SCP through the lens of seven key dimensions. The further a company progresses along each of these dimensions, the more digitalized its SCP will be. The gradual improvement will generate more business value and lead to a transformation in the way the company plans its supply chain. 

    Lead Supply Chain Down the Road to Digital Success

    In this complimentary webinar, we help you target digital supply chain initiatives that close current business gaps while also building capabilities that support future digital business models.

    How to Excel at Strategy and Execution: A Supply Chain Perspective

    Supply chain technology leaders can use this research to explore these trends, adoption rates and industry use cases when considering investing in new solutions for their organization.

    Gartner Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2019

    Gartner has identified eight top strategic supply chain technology trends that have broad industry impact but haven’t yet been widely adopted. These technologies are experiencing significant changes or reaching critical tipping points in capability or maturity. 

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    Client Success Story

    Managing Supply Chain Through DDVN

    Gartner helped a large enterprise aerospace and defense manufacturer improve its competitiveness in the US market by investing in “leapfrog” technology. The client was able to assess the state of its supply chain function to improve decision making, profitability and increase competitiveness. 

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