In today’s environment, a large majority of companies are facing more frequent and impactful disruptions to their operations. In a recent Gartner survey, 76% of supply chain executives indicated that compared to three years ago, their company today is facing more frequent disruptions in their supply chain. 

With more available and reliable data analytics in supply chain, leaders are looking to use supply chain predictive analytics to sense, mitigate and recover from current events and prepare for future disruptions.

Six Ways Supply Chain Analytics Mitigate Business Disruptions outlines how to:

  • Use real-time data and supply chain analytics to track unfolding disruption
  • Deploy visualization to predict the impact of disruptions on your business
  • Leverage supply chain predictive analytics and simulation to gauge likely future scenarios
  • Revise supply chain policies with scenario modeling
  • And more... you can support response and recovery.

Download the research to learn how supply chain executives can deploy a portfolio of analytics techniques to leverage during current events and future disruptions.